Terms of participation in the commerce exhibit zone

Commerce zone is dedicated to jointed dolls and all kind of accessories for them!

For participation in the commerce zone we invite:

• authors of jointed dolls of any kind
• doll' accessories shops
• doll making and maintenance goods' shops
• tailoring, making shoes, wigs, eyes and other accessories workshops
• face-up, maintenance and repair experts
• as well as other dollie professionals :)
Visitors of Dollscar are the direct target audience for everyone who is connected with the world of jointed dolls.

Collectors and fans of BJD and other jointed dolls come to Dollscar every year from all over Russia and near abroad.

In 2018 we are expecting about 2,000 people to visit Dollscar in one exhibition day.
If you want to participate in commerce zone - please fill out the application form in your personal account on our site.

A completed online application is considered a contract for participation.

Application confirmation and payment details will be sent to your e-mail. Reservation completes after full payment.

Commerce booth details

Regular booth

1 table 150х90 cm (57x35 inch); 2 chairs and 2 exhibitor's representative passes

Regular booth fee — 2000 roubles / ~$40


stand-alone booth near the stage. All visitors will see you!
2 tables, summary area 150х180 cm (57x70 inch); 2 chairs and 2 exhibitor's representative passes

Wow-booth fee — 6000 roubles / ~$120. Only 6 booths available!
Carefully read the details in the "General Rules" section!

In addition

+1 table — 500 roubles / ~$10 (total number of tables is not limited)
+1 chair — 100 roubles / ~$2 (4 chairs per table maximum)
+1 pass/badge — 300 roubles / ~$5
Electricity connection — 500 roubles / ~$10
You can choose where to place your stand on the venue plan for free, just e-mail dollscar@bjdclub.ru. Priority in choosing a place - participants who paid their contributions earlier.

Application and payment deadlines

We accept applications for participation in the trade fair area before May 16, 2018.

Please pay your fee before May 16, 2018.

The stand is considered reserved after receiving full payment only.

We deeply apologise, but if you didn't pay your fee yet and we are running out of places - we reserve the right to give place to someone else :(

If we won't sold out after May 16, we will continue to accept applications until the day of the exhibition, but after May 16 fee will cost 50% more and invoice should be paid within 3 days.

Application changes

You can edit your application in your personal account (e.g. add/remove additional services and change information). If you want to change stand placement - e-mail dollscar@bjdclub.ru.
Please note, all additional services will cost 50% more after May 16.

On June 1 at 11:59 PM the applications will be closed for editing.

Refusals and refunds

We kindly ask you to notify us via dollscar@bjdclub.ru if for some reason you won't be able to participate in the exhibition.

If you already paid your fee and cancel participation before May 16, 2018, we will refund you 50% of received payment. If you cancel after May 16, we will withhold 100% of the payment.

And something also important...

Dollscar is looking for sponsors! Any author or craftsman can become a sponsor, provide prizes for the winners of competitions and get bonuses: advertising on BJDClub.ru, a free stand and much more.

Conditions — here.

General rules

Please also read the general rules for all participants.